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The way that I have been behaving in the past was just not ideal. I should have been a better boyfriend to the one that in love but instead I have chosen to do the opposite. There are plenty of times where I was rude to my girl even if there are a lot of people around us. I know that I should never do this kind of actions at all I want her to be with me all of the time and make sure that everything is still alright for the both of us. I thought that she was always going to be by my side even if I do not act responsibly all of the time. She was very kind and honest to me but I did not appreciate her at all. Instead I just blew her off all of the time like she was nothing. But when she broke up with me I was not able to cope up with it. I almost killed myself because I just could not handle a life without this kind of woman by my side all of the time. My girlfriend is a London escort and she seems serious about breaking up with me. The worst thing that could possibly happen to me is lose this London escort. I knew that I had to get her back in my life so I pushed myself for the first time and tried really hard to make it up to my girlfriend. If is really important that the London escort that I am dating would be able to realise how serious I am with her.
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I just could not handle it of she would go through with breaking up with me. It is my job to do all that I can to make sure that she will forgive me and make me feel loved again. Sure, I was foolish to take my London escort for granted but I have learned my lesson already and am willing to be honest with her for once in my life. I have a really big problem and I need to fix it urgently. It is a relief that the London refer was willing to take me back. I really needed her to forgive me and wanted me to be her boyfriend again I guess that she believed me when I told her that I am really serious about having a life with her in my life. It is very obvious that I have learned my lesson and will not do the same kind of mistakes in the future. I am really looking forward is showing my London escort that I am ready to be responsible for her and give her all the time that she needs. There’s no place for me to mess up anymore. She’s a precious girl that I need in my life. When she forgave me after all the bad things that I did to her I promised myself that I would give my all to her because I want to show her how serious I am in long her.