Call Me A Nympho: I Fucked 3 Men In One Day

“Oh yes! Fuck me harder! Harder!” He grabbed my hips and held me steadily as he pounded my asshole with his 9-inch cock. Good lord the guy had so much stamina. He had been fucking me for at least thirty minutes. I knew I would get carpet burns on my knees because I forgot to put a pillow underneath. He had me on all fours with my face down and ass up. I reached for my clit and began to rub it vigorously. I wanted my orgasm to shake my entire body. He was panting and grunting and with one final thrust he rammed into me so hard, I literally felt his dick pulsate as wave after wave of orgasm shook his body. About a second later, a felt my own orgasm take over my entire body. He flipped me over and lay me on my back. He buried his face in between my legs and licked off every drop of the pearly white juices oozing from my pussy.

I got up to take a shower. As soon as I was in the shower, I felt large cold hands slither around my waist. They slid up and cupped my breasts, pinching and tagging at my nipples. This had to be Mike. He liked playing with my nipples. He pushed me up against the wall and turned me around. Damn right, it was Mike. He spread my legs and slipped one finger into my pussy. Oh, that felt so good. He grabbed my butt cheeks and lifted me up so he could easily slide his dick into my pussy. I liked his fucking style. Deep, firm and slow strokes. I wrapped my legs around his waist. His dick felt so good it took me less than five minutes to cum. My pussy must have felt good to him too because he came just as fast. He carefully let me slide off his dick. We took a shower together and he left.

At around 7pm my husband came home. I was in the kitchen making dinner wearing nothing but a thong and some high heels. As soon as he saw me, he unzipped his pants and took out his cock. Just the sight of it made me horny. “Suck it,” he commanded. Without hesitation, I got down on my knees and took his entire dick into my mouth. He dug his fingers into the back of my head, urging me to take him deeper into my mouth. I obliged. I felt him groan and within minutes, I felt his cum fill my mouth and I swallowed every drop of it. He then lay me on the kitchen counter and started fucking me like I hadn’t just sucked his dick. He was one horny beast. His thrusts were deep and hard. I couldn’t take it anymore. I screamed his name as my body tensed and shook from the orgasm.

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